Fostering the Future

We provide a safe, warm, and responsive environment that protects and promotes the health, security, and well-being of all children. As the environment can help shape children’s identity, we thoughtfully design learning environments to foster wonder, creativity, and curiosity. Moreover, our curriculum supports the whole child; we provide children a creative and reflective curriculum that is diverse, multicultural, open-ended, developmentally appropriate and based on their interest.

We play an important part in the healthy development of our community through the growth of our mighty learners and working in partnership with families. Through the years, we have seen our previously enrolled children grow into strong young active citizens and participants in the community. By working in collaboration with parents and supporting them, our center has contributed to the well-being of one family at a time.

We have strong community connections and are actively involved in the community.

Nursery children playing with teacher in the classroom

Our early learning & child care center Programs

Babys playing together.


Ages 12 months to less than 3 years

Preschooler enjoying playing with his airplane toy


Ages 3-5 years

Creative Kids Posing

Kinder & School-Age Program

Ages 6 to Grade 6

About Our Other Programs

As a small business and early learning & child care center, we strive to be a first point of contact and be a resource center for families for any area of life their require assistance with. We want to improve the quality of life for children and families in our care as well as the community in general. To build a healthy community, it is essential to start with one family at a time.

Other Programs

Community Programs

Volunteering, community work and fundraising

Diversity and Inclusion Program

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Youth Leadership

Fostering and building empathy and responsibility towards community members through initiatives and involvement.

Multicultural Program

Culture is important to one’s self-identity, well-being, and self-esteem. By providing a multicultural and diverse program to our children, the educators and children explore, learn and experience traditions, celebrations and customs of each culture while building respect. When a child care program reflects home culture, children build confidence and it is important to a child’s formation of self-identity.